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Anniversaire and Bridal Business

Choreographing special
events where customers are
in the spotlight.

An unforgettable day for a bride and groom,
a memorable anniversary celebration for a family member,
a birthday party for a friend, and many other special
We are a partner in creating the happiest of weddings as
well as celebrations for special occasions of all kinds.


The perfect day with your special guests

ANNIVERSAIRE is a place where couples can hold their wedding, the most important event of their lives. To meet the demands of customers who want a distinctive wedding that reflects their interests, ANNIVERSAIRE offers a guesthouse-style format for ceremonies and receptions.

Wedding Halls

A nationwide network of wedding halls that have designs based on palaces and mansions in Europe

An ANNIVERSAIRE wedding features a chapel that stages a moving ceremony and an elegant residence with a flower-filled garden for the reception. Guests feel as if they have been invited to a private home. The originality of these events and the spectacular cuisine with hospitality make the day even more memorable for everyone.We have wedding halls across the country, including ANNIVERSAIRE MINATO MIRAI YOKOHAMA, one of the largest wedding halls in Japan.



Weddings that precisely reflect the wishes of each couple

A wedding producer is assigned to each ceremony and there are specialists for the menu, apparel, makeup, overall presentation and other aspects of this special day. Whether your desire is for family focused, pageant-style or casual wedding, your wishes will be fulfilled at the venue you choose.


A full line of services to celebrate an anniversary or other special day

ANNIVERSAIRE OMOTESANDO is in a popular and elegant section of Tokyo's fashionable Aoyama district. You can enjoy yourself at ANNIVERSAIRE Café, which has the atmosphere of a corner café in Paris, especially on anniversaries. Furthermore, gifts including original jewelry, baby gifts and other items are available for weddings and other special events. In all, customers can select products and services that make a special day even more special by fully utilizing the characteristics of each venue and event.


Original ANNIVERSAIRE rings transform memories into a symbol

ANNIVERSAIRE sells a line of engagement and wedding rings under the et TOUJOURS brand nationwide. All rings have designs available only at ANNIVERSAIRE. While the wedding ceremony becomes a lifelong memory, the wedding ring becomes a physical symbol of that event. Offering couples both memories and rings sets ANNIVERSAIRE apart from ordinary jewelry stores and wedding halls.

ANNIVERSAIRE Inc. operates the Anniversaire and Bridal Business.

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