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Our Commitment

Dedicated to becoming a
high-level services company
Meeting the needs of
customers as market
conditions continue to changePresident and
Representative Director
Akihiro Aoki

The AOKI Group started operations in 1958 just as Japan was entering an extended period of rapid economic growth. The goal was to make it possible for businessmen to afford to own a variety of suits. Since then, we have been guided by our commitment to serving customers as we make a contribution to society. To accomplish this goal, all our activities are based on three core principles: the pursuit of business integrity, the pursuit of social responsibility, and the pursuit of community service.

Today, more than 60 years after our founding, the AOKI Group must serve an increasingly diverse spectrum of values and needs among our customers. Succeeding amid these changes demands the ability to assist customers in even more aspects of their lives. This is why we embarked on our own diversification based on the theme of “enriching peoples’ lives.” As a result, the AOKI Group now has three core operations: fashion, our founding business, the bridal business and the entertainment business.

The DNA of the AOKI Group is imbued with the spirit of creating innovative ideas by breaking away from conventional thinking. We will continue to take on the challenge of redefining ourselves in order to reflect the changes in our markets and the needs of our customers. At the same time, we will maximize synergies across our diverse business activities. These initiatives will help the AOKI Group fulfill its commitment to contributing to society as a high-level services company.

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